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Nutrition Coaching

Embark on a personalized wellness journey with Demi Segura's Nutrition Coaching at Cold Rush Wellness. Armed with a Master's in Nutrition Education and a Bachelor's in Health Sciences, Demi channels her passion for health into crafting individualized nutrition plans. Her expertise spans physiology, psychology, nutrition science, and cooking, ensuring a holistic approach to your wellness journey. Using the bio-psycho-social model, Demi addresses your unique needs, recognizing the interconnected factors influencing health. Beyond traditional coaching, Demi is your dedicated partner, offering ongoing support and motivation. Diet is the foundation of health- lower your blood sugar and cholesterol, rejuvenate your skin, and gain more energy as you work collaboratively with Demi to achieve your health and wellness goals.

What to Expect

  • Customized Nutrition Plans: Receive personalized nutrition plans tailored to your unique goals, preferences, and lifestyle.

  • Cooking Tips and Recipes: Explore the joy of preparing delicious and nutritious meals with Demi's expert cooking tips and curated recipes.

  • Behavioral Strategies: Demi incorporates psychological insights and behavioral strategies to foster positive habits and sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous support and adjustments to your plan as you progress towards your health and wellness goals.

Nutritional Cooking
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