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AlphaSwitch Metabolic Training

AlphaSwitch Training is a unique program designed to maximize your performance and increase your energy. Developed by Dr. Young, AlphaSwitch was influenced by his 20 years living in the Netherlands. There, he worked with numerous athletes and became an expert in Power Plate vibration training.

By combining 5 metabolic invigorators, the AlphaSwitch Training program naturally maximizes your physical potential. Utilizing Cryostimulation, Power Plate vibration, bursts of intense exercise, intermittent fasting and an antioxidant rich diet, AlphaSwitch will help you lose weight and get an edge on the competition.

With just two 45 minute sessions per week, you can build yourself a muscular suit of armor and become more energetic than ever. Dr. Young and his team will design a customized program to help you meet your fitness goals while reducing inflammation and chance of injury. Bring back your vitality and make your AlphaSwitch Training consultation today!

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