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About Us

Celebrating a Decade of Cutting Edge Treatment

At Cold Rush Wellness, we take pride in our 10-year legacy of delivering top-notch therapy services in Orange County. As pioneers in the field, we were among the first establishments to introduce cryotherapy to the community, making us trailblazers in the pursuit of holistic wellness.​


What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a physician-run experience, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of care. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals is dedicated to your well-being, employing their expertise to guide you through your wellness journey.​


In a constantly evolving wellness landscape, Cold Rush Wellness remains at the forefront by offering cutting-edge treatments. We believe in staying ahead of the curve, integrating the latest advancements in metabolic health to optimize your recovery and enhance your overall well-being.​


At Cold Rush Wellness, we understand that each individual's wellness journey is unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of services tailored to address various recovery and wellness goals. By creating personalized recovery plans, our holistic approach ensures that you have access to the tools and support needed to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Team

Dr. Scott Young, DC

Dr. Scott Young, D.C.

Chiropractor and Director of Cryotherapy

Dr. Scott Young D.C., is a chiropractor and founder of Cold Rush Wellness. With over 25 years of experience, he utilizes his vast knowledge of chiropractic and applied kinesiology to help patients achieve optimal health. He specializes in Gonstead Chiropractic, a type of adjusting the spine and limbs that is precise and accurate, reducing pain in misaligned areas. He opened the doors of Cold Rush Wellness in 2014, bringing Orange County one of its first centers for Cryotherapy.

An accomplished athlete, Scott is a former New York State Judo champion and attended CSU Fullerton on a Division 1 wrestling scholarship. When he hurt his back lifting weights, one of Scott’s coaches offered to treat him with chiropractic adjustments. Experiencing immediate results, Scott decided to pursue as career as a chiropractor. In 1991, he received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Always wanting to live in Europe, Dr. Young moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, opening one of the first chiropractic offices in the city. There, he worked with numerous athletes and became an expert in Power Plate training. He also met his wife during this time. His 20 years spent in Amsterdam influenced his creation of the AlphaSwitch Training program used at Cold Rush Wellness.

After starting a family, Dr. Young wanted to bring European treatments to Orange County, where he had spent his teenage years. He opened Cold Rush Wellness with his AlphaSwitch Training program, Whole Body and Local Cryotherapy treatments as well as chiropractic care. Additional treatments like massage therapy and facials were added and in 2019, Cold Rush Wellness installed the OC’s very first Salt Cave used for therapy. In his free time, Dr. Young enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with his wife and daughter.

In 2021, Dr. Young published his first book titled "AlphaSwitch Life". Learn more about it here!

Demi Segura, MSNE

Demi Segura

Nutritionist and Chiropractic Assistant

Demi Segura, a dedicated professional with a passion for holistic wellness, holds a B.S. in Health Sciences from Chapman University. Determined to deepen her understanding of nutrition and its profound impact on overall health, Demi pursued an M.S. in Nutrition Education from American University, graduating in 2023. 

Bringing over three years of invaluable experience to Cold Rush Wellness, Demi has become an integral part of our team. Specializing in cryotherapy and percussion massage treatments, she has honed her expertise, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality care for their physical recovery needs.

In addition to her proficiency in cryotherapy and percussion massage, Demi has expanded her services to include personalized nutrition coaching. Her holistic approach to well-being emphasizes the importance of addressing the body, mind, and spirit for comprehensive health.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Demi's commitment to community health and global well-being is evident in her leadership roles during her college years. As the President and Campus Chairperson for the nonprofit organization Global Brigades, she actively contributed to providing healthcare and public health infrastructure to underdeveloped and oppressed communities worldwide.

Demi Segura's mission is to empower individuals to lead healthier lives by focusing on holistic healing and prevention strategies. Her dedication to your well-being is reflected in her multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to guiding you on your journey to optimal health.

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