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Salt Cave Therapy

Breathing the air inside a Salt Cave or Salt Room is called Salt Therapy or Halotherapy. Studied by Dr. Feliks Boczkowski in 1843, he observed that salt mine workers experienced fewer respiratory symptoms than others. While the studied benefits only date back a few hundred years, various forms of Salt Therapy have existed for millennia.

Modern Halotherapy is practiced in a Salt Room or Salt Cave where sodium chloride areoles, minerals and ions naturally purify the air. Negative ions, found in the air near oceans, waterfalls and after rainstorms, have numerous health benefits, but are greatly diminished by environmental pollution and electronic devices.

Our Salt Cave at Cold Rush Wellness provides an oasis to free your minds and cleanse your bodies. The first in South Orange County, the salt in our cave began its journey in the Himalayan Mountains. Mined and cut into 200 pound blocks, the salt was then sent to Krakow, Poland. There, masons cut the huge blocks into perfect bricks and shipped them to LA, to become the foundation of our beautiful Salt Cave.

Himalayan pink salt contains 84 essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. When the salt is warmed, these minerals are released into the air. This allows you to benefit from these minerals just by breathing the air in our Salt Cave!

The perfect place to unwind, our Salt Cave is safe for young children, pregnant women and the elderly. Although Salt Therapy improves respiratory ailments like asthma, allergies and sinusitis, it can combat a host of other conditions. Step into our Salt Cave sanctuary and make your appointment today!

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