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See why everyone is raving about Cold Rush Welness.

"Dr. Young has reduced my pain and inflammation throughout my whole body since I began getting treatment here 8 months ago. He's got the coldest Cryo tank set up I've ever used. Other places don't even compare to the levels I'm dropping my body temp into after my treatment here. This is legit.
I have pain from 2 ruptured discs in my back and my knees are bone on bone. I also have psoriasis and the cryotherapy works on that too. Good luck finding a colder treatment. Dr. Young has been doing this for years and knows all the ins and outs. He's also one of the strongest chiropractors I've ever had where he can manipulate my discs when pinched by muscles and nerves.
When NFL players and MLB pitchers use this method religiously for recovery, why don't you?"
"I went to Cold Rush Wellness hoping against hope that cryotherapy might alleviate a long standing Achilles Tendon pain that had been preventing me from playing tennis for years. It was an almost last ditch effort to see if I might be able to get back to playing. Previous stints with physical therapy and anti inflammatories had been minimally effective at best. Dr Young , after a brief diagnostic exam, suggested some Chiropractic treatment in tandem with Cryo. Being that I had exhausted other avenues and didn't want to do surgery, I thought I would give it a try. This is without exaggeration: Dr. Young's treatment AFTER THE VERY FIRST VISIT reduced my Achille's Tendon pain by more than half . By the third visit, the pain (which used to be an almost constant companion) was basically gone. It was such a drastic change that I genuinely was in disbelief for a couple of weeks. I have started to play tennis again and visit Cold Rush for occasional maintenance after particularly vigorous games.
I couldn't thank Dr. Young enough for genuinely improving the quality of my life. Excellent work."
"Long over due review but I have been seeing Dr. Young for almost a year and a half and he has helped me soooo much. I was at a point where I was in so much pain my back would spasm all the time it was literally demobilizing for me where I couldn't bend over to pick something up and I couldn't walk without pain if I was have sciatica problems, and I was having trouble sleeping because just being on my back was painful. The chiropractic with the local cryotherapy has helped me so much! And I love the full body cryo too. He is also a wealth of knowledge, Thank you!"
"Dr. Young and his staff are so knowledgeable and kind. I have been coming here for over three years and I would recommend him to everybody. I love the services they offer especially the salt cave room and cryotherapy."
"When Cold Rush Wellness opened, I didn't realize how it would help me. After having a thorn deep in my thumb area, I was scheduled for surgery. I decided to try Cold Rush for a local cryo treatment on my thumb/palm. To my surprise, the thorn moved out of the skin where I could safely remove it. I immediately cancelled the surgery.

I have used facial cryo, salt cave, and Dr Young evaluating a foot injury. WORTH EVERY PENNY."
"If you have any pain in your body this is the place to get treated. Dr. Young is a master at his craft and truly cares about his patients. He is highly recommended.

Also Demi at the front desk is a pleasure to work with and will help you with all your needs."
"I have a bad back and need chiropractic adjustments. Dr Scott Young is absolutely wonderful and goes above and beyond to help his patients. Not only did he figure out a knee problem that an orthopedic dr missed. I also was cold ALL the time and the cryotherapy got me more regulated as well as helping my inflammation. Demi his assistant is a sweetheart. I wish I could give them Ten Stars!"
"I've been going for about a month. My body is so much better now. The staff is great."
"This place has a lot to offer. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Scott Young is a caring chiropractor. I first went to another cryotherapy place where they did just the cryo but this place is better. They can adjust you if you need it or you can even do a work out session too. Added to the menu are facials and spot treatment. When I'm really feeling achy this really helps. Don't let the low temperature scare you it's really a piece a cake"
"Awesome salt cave...I always enjoy this beautiful & peaceful setting and leave feeling incredibly relaxed every time! Such a great staff as well...I highly recommend you try it!"
"The staff is very friendly. It is very clean and they offer some great packages on their health and wellness services. Check out their BEMER for better circulation."
"Super great salt cave! My husband and I tried it out for the first time and really enjoyed it. Thank you!"
"I came to Cold Rush Wellness with multiple problems. Dr. Young and his assistant, Demi, were able to review my issues and develop a plan of treatment to address them. Besides being very professional and able to help me, they both are respectful, warm and have me looking forward to my treatments.
I strongly recommend using their services."
"I love coming to Cold Rush Wellness. I was in a car accident and if it wasn't for Dr. Scott Young, I would have never progressed in my healing journey. He is very knowledgeable and truly wants the best for his patients. Also, I want to add that his assistant Demi, has been amazing and truly they are the dynamic duo aiding me with my physical recovery. I highly recommend coming here!!"
"I sprained my ankle and one of my neighbors recommended that I visit Cold Rush Wellness which I'm glad I did. This was my first time trying this treatment but the results were phenomenal. Dr. Young and Demi were awesome to
Interact and the nitrogen really seems to help. I recommend this place to anyone who is suffering with any injury or just need a rejuvenation. Thank you, Dr. Young!"
"Took my son and his friends here for cryotherapy. They are all basketball players and wanted to try it. The staff was very informative about how it works, the benefits of it, etc.. They also offer chiropractic service and the doctor on staff comes highly recommended. I bought a pack of 3 for my son to start. They have different packages/options to make it more affordable. My son and his friends loved it and want to go again. I would also like to try the chiropractic services too."
"Scott was amazing and so helpful in treating my plantar fasciitis! The tools he used helped me immediately, and the sessions worked wonders. I would highly recommend him! He really knows his stuff!"
"Cold Rush Wellness is such a wonderful place! I am grateful for the healing that the machine brings. I tried spelling but the spell check kept changing. Its amazing how 1.5 minutes can change how you feel so drastically. I get inflammation and this REALLY, REALLY helps me!
Everyone is super friendly and knows what they are doing. Its always a breeze making an appointment. I purchased a 20 pack and it was well worth it. I started getting the facials and they make my skin tighter and pores smaller. All around great healing and prices are very fair for what they offer. Highly recommend!!"

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