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Bringing Whole Body Cryotherapy and Chiropractic to Orange County!


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Introducing Cryo For Kids at Our Cold Rush Wellness Family Hour!

We are so excited to announce our upcoming Cryo for Kids Family Hour!! Join us Saturday April 14th and 28th from 12pm to 3pm to learn all about what #Cryostimulation can do for the health of your entire family. Better yet, enjoy extremely discounted rates for the whole family during these hours only. See you there!

All about our Cryo for Kids Family Hour (as seen in The Local Dish):

Dr. Scott Young and his team at Cold Rush Wellness have been working on their patient’s immune systems with Whole Body Cryostimulation for more than 4 years now. The data collected has revealed some startling results. Patients say they feel more energetic and healthier than ever, with far fewer instances of colds and flus. After surviving a historically bad flu season, it’s more important than ever to look for alternative therapies that strengthen your immune system. Dr. Young decided to start offering this cutting-edge technology to kids as well as adults. Kids often don’t feel pain like adults when something is wrong. They may act out instead or have problems concentrating when they’re tired or a little under the weather. When real sickness takes hold, the world stops for everyone until they get better. According to Dr. Young, the families who have already adopted Cryostimulation have felt the benefits for a while now and everyone at Cold Rush Wellness is excited about it.

Cryotherapy is an adaptogen, an environmental exposure used to promote homeostasis or balance in the body. So consistency is the key to good results. Cryo for kids can yield a stronger immune system with fewer allergies, colds and flu. For more information, check outwww.coldrushwellness.com or visit the company’s Facebook page.

Parents and kids are welcome on April 14th and 28th from 12 to 3 p.m. to attend the Cold Rush Wellness Family Happy Hour to see what cryostimulation can do for your family’s health.

- Strengthen Immune System Naturally
- Reduce Inflammation
- Improve Mood and Concentration
- Increase Energy and more

The event is free. Dr. Young and his staff will be offering extremely discounted family rates for first-time Cryo Sauna patients at the clinic. ($20 for parents, $10 for child). Kids should wear dry bathing suits to try Cryo Sauna. Healthy treats will be provided.

https:// thelocaldishmagazine.com/ cryo-for-kids/

Cold Rush Wellness

️So what is Whole Body Cryostimulation and what can it do for me?

cryostimulation timeline crw

️So what is Whole Body Cryostimulation and what can it do for me? Whole Body Cryostimulation (WBC) is the use of ultra-cold temperatures to reboot the body’s internal homeostasis mechanisms, triggering your internal doctor to begin the process of healing from the inside out. In other words, it triggers your body to heal ITSELF! WBC takes your body on a journey to true healing from the start of detoxification, to full hormone rebalancing and even optimal metabolism.  This chart represents the volume of treatments needed to achieve different benefits through Whole Body Cryostimulation.  One must complete at least two WBC sessions per week over a course of several weeks in order to gain the benefits presented on the timeline above.


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The Cold Rush Family

Cold Rush Wellness

Comedy for a Community Cause; Cold Rush Family Heads to the Irvine Improv!


So your telling us we can support an amazing cause AND enter to win a $100 gift card to Cold Rush Wellness towards any service we choose?!

You heard right! ‪Saturday April 21st at 1pm‬, head to the Irvine Improv for a hilarious afternoon of comedy with the great Craig Shoemaker while you enjoy an all-inclusive 3-course meal (YUM). 100% of the ticket proceeds will go directly to Ashland and McMillen Homes Women’s Step House of Orange County, a non-profit supporting local women in our community. Doors open at 11:30am to get the laughter and raffle fun going. What’s more?! You can enter the raffle while you’re there for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Cold Rush Wellness towards any service you choose. Head on over to www.ashland-home.org for more information or call ‪(949) 854-5455‬ to get your tickets through the box office today. See you all there Cold Rush Family!