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Bringing Whole Body Cryotherapy and Chiropractic to Orange County!


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Cold Rush Wellness

Allergies and Sinus Headaches

Allergies and Sinus Headache
A combination of Chiropractic and Local Cryostimulation is a great holistic way of treating sinus congestion, allergies and even sinus headaches! Check us out at ColdRushWellness.com for more information on Cryostimulation and Chiropractic!

Cold Rush Wellness

Cryostimulation Naturally Strengthens Immune System

Regular Cryostimulation sessions in the Cryosauna has shown to boost the immune system naturally! This is a great way to prepare for upcoming flu seasons as well as travel when you're at the most risk for getting sick. Come in today to check out Cold Rush Wellness Cryostimulation Therapy!!

Cold Rush Wellness

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment!

Plantar Fasciitis
If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and nothing has worked to reduce your pain, come see Dr. Young at Cold Rush Wellness for an evaluation. He might just have the answers you're looking for!!

Cold Rush Wellness

Reduce your stress with Cryo!!

Whole Body Cryostimulation is a great natural way to reduce anxiety and the stress hormone called Cortisol. It can also help sleep patterns improve so that you're ready to take on the day's challenges! Try this great method towards improving your health!!

Cold Rush Wellness

Start this year off right with Cryotherapy!!!


Cold Rush Wellness

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2017

Cold Rush Wellness

Weekly Hours Update

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Cold Rush Wellness

Dave Bartholomew endorses Dr. Young's AlphaSwitch Cryostimulation!!

Dr. Scott Young is truly an expert in cryotherapy and I highly suggest that you read his bio on Yelp.

I started AlphaSwitch Metabolic Training and full body cryotherapy with Dr. Young back in Jan '16. I'm now 150+ full body cryotherapy sessions deep and go to Cold Rush Wellness 6 days a week as part of my training. I wish I could go 7 days a week for full body cryotherapy. The benefits achieved for the numerous health issues that I was having at 41 years old has been nothing short of amazing. Not only have I lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure through cryotherapy and Alpha Switch training, I now have ZERO inflammation in my body and my immune system has been recharged. I have also reset my metabolic rate which allows me to burn more daily calories and I now sleep like a champion. I no longer suffer from digestive issues (probiotic supplements) or acid reflux. I haven't been sick once this entire year and I have 2 small kids that get sick often. The list of benefits is too long to list out here in this review and can be researched on the Cold Rush Wellness website. The benefits of cryotherapy has been researched for years and it is has been used in Europe and Japan for decades. Professional athletes around the world benefit from this amazing therapy.

If you are ready to gain control of your health again, I highly suggest starting with the 12 week AlphaSwitch Metabolic Training in conjunction with full body cryotherapy. After this program, you can than train on your own and continue the full body unlimited monthly membership which I have been doing all year. You will be hooked for life. I've kept 15 lbs off for nearly 9 months now and highly recommended Cold Rush Wellness to all of my close friends and family.

Dr. Young is also a fantastic chiropractor who helped me recover quickly from a spine injury that I suffered 2 months ago. Without his knowledge and expertise, the recovery time would have been MUCH longer. Traditional medicine would have simply prescribed opiates for pain which I refuse to take. Through his expertise, Dr. Young actually fixes pain and other symptoms versus simply just masking the pain via opiates. Cold Rush Wellness is amazing!

Cold Rush Wellness

Extended hours on Mondays and Wednesdays

Cold Rush Wellness

Cold Rush Wellness

The team grows at Cold Rush Wellness.

Introducing Antoinette as the newest Cold Rush Wellness staff member. From the left: Sara, Antoinette and Pary.

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