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Hormone Rebalancing


Hormone imbalances are extremely common with many people due to aging, poor diet and stress.  Some of the most common symptoms are thinning hair and brittle nails, hair loss, osteoporosis, migranes, loss of libido and sexual dysfunction, weight loss or gain, menopausal hot flashes, and certain forms of depression.   The Cryosauna treatments can improve these conditions by charging up the adrenal glands which fuel the endocrine system, this will allow for a  resetting of the body's hormone balance.  We recommend a minimum of 20-30 sessions to reboot your hormonal system.

Recovery & Healing Of
Sports Injuries


Cold Rush Wellness therapists use the combined healing power of Whole Body and Local Cryostimulation to quickly reduce pain and inflammation.  This is effective for the treatment of a 
variety of sports injuries including muscle over-reaching, tendonitis, strains and sprains as well as dislocations.  Dr. Young is very proficient at adjusting extremities if the treatment
calls for it.  He also developed AlphaSwitch Cryostimulation Technique for the treatment of concussions.  For more information on this technique, ask at the front desk.   

In sports medicine, cryotherapy has gained wider acceptance as a recovery modality by significantly reducing inflammation.  Intense training and repetitive strain cause muscle fatigue and injury.  Regular sessions in the cryosauna help to reduce these unwanted side-effects of training and minimize the recovery days needed to be able to enjoy sports again.


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) was first used in Japan around 1978 to treat inflammation associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. In Poland the Whole Body Cryosauna was inventedand used on athletes as a modality for repair and recovery. After two decades of further study cryotherapy has been established as an effective adjunct treatment for reducing symptoms of pain and inflammation brought on by numerous chronic conditions. It has been shown that exposure to extreme cold improves recovery time for athletes, treats certain skin conditions such as eczema and aids in weight loss.


This exposure to extreme cold (-200 to -240 degrees for 1.5 to 3 minutes) causes several physiologic responses at once. The skin’s cold receptors stimulate the Sympathetic Nervous System causing vasoconstriction (narrowing) then vasodilatation (opening) of the blood vessels near the skin’s surface. Together with the brain’s Fight or Flight response the resulting reaction is that the blood is sent from under the skin to the vital organs. This helps maintain a normal core body temperature. All that extra blood in the organs has a fantastic detoxifying effect on the body.


While the body’s core temperature can only fluctuate by 4.5 degrees Celcius between states of hypo and hyperthermia, the core body temperature does not change during the procedure. It may drop slightly afterward, however. Therefore light exercise is advised directly following the cryosauna.


Metabolism Boosting


Your metabolism can also be bolstered by repeated Whole Body Cryostimulation treatments.  Over time many of us experience a slower than desired metabolism resulting in difficulty maintaining an optimal weight.  By resetting our metabolism through repeated exposure to extreme cold, we can force our body to revert to it's correct balance of fat and glucose burning.  This can lead to a slow but steady loss of weight.  Weight loss and metabolism boosting is one of the tougher things to achieve and takes at least 40 or more sessions when using the cryosauna alone.  By combining the cryosauna and exercise with vibration plates, we can usually see significant healthy weight loss and improved metabolism after only 18 combined sessions.

Dr. Young performing a concussion treatment on a student athlete using his AlphaSwitch Cryostimulation Technique