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About our Services - Whole Body Cryostimulation, Local Cryostimulation, Chiropractic, Cold Rush Facials and AlphaSwitch Training



Whole Body Cryotherapy or Cryostimulation

Cryotherapy at Cold Rush Wellness is performed by using the AlphaSwitch Cryostimulation Technique (ACT).  
This unique method involves checking your skin surface temperature before and directly after entering the
cryosauna (-140 degrees Celsius).  We look for a 40 point decline in your skin surface temperature which tells us
the cryostimulationwas sufficient to elicit a metabolic reset.  While your core temperature never changes during
the treatment, such a decline in your skin surface temperature tells us the cryotherapy treatment was powerful
enough to modulate these three areas of human physiology:  Circulation, Hormones and Cellular change.  

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a systemic anti-inflammatory treatment involving skin exposure

to ultra-low temperatures for a brief, controlled time.  Applications include:  Recovery and healing, Arthritis,
muscle injuries, autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders, skin disorders such as dermatitis and psoriasis,
skin aging and elasticity, cellulite problems and menopausal symptoms.  LEARN MORE >

Latest Cryotherapy Studies

          1. Cryotherapy Improves Position Sense and Simple Reaction Time


                          2.  Whole Body Cryostimulation Increases Testosterone but NOT Cold Water Stimulation


3.  Whole Body Cryostimulation benefits Multiple Sclerosis patients

4.  Whole Body Cryostimulation reduces inflammation


  •       Sports Performance -  Cryostimulation increases testosterone
  •             Post-Surgical recovery - Whole Body and Local Cryostimulation
  •      Acute Injury - Cryostimulation gets that swelling down fast
  • Skin Rejuvenation - Tightening and collagen increase
  •                                     Pain and Anxiety -  Decreases Cortisol levels and increases Serotonin        



We also offer Local Cryotherapy treatments at Cold Rush Wellness.  We use the AlphaSwitch Cryostimulation Technique with all our cryotherapy treatments.  This includes close monitoring
of skin surface temperatures before, during and after the treatment as well as taking into consideration the anatomical blood flow of the affected area.  Local cryostimulation treatments 
are done on the face (Cold Rush Facial), head (ACT Concussion Treatment), and any joint of the body such as knees, ankles, elbows, neck and lower back.
In addition to Cryostimulation we also offer full Chiropractic services and AlphaSwitch Metabolic Training (see tab on this personal training method).

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